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5 Online Courses that will Help you to Grow your Small Business Today

There are few benefits for small businesses when it comes to the Covid-19 pandemic, TIME being one of those few benefits.

There are a lot of things you can do right now to help your business while you cannot trade fully due to restrictions (online development, market research and content creation, just to name a few) but something you may not have thought of is taking an online course to further your skills in an area your business may be lacking.

You can take an online course of pretty much anything these days. I have used personally throughout my career to further my knowledge in many different areas. I used Udemy while I was in college to get a head start on studies (geek, I know) and I used it again early in my career when an employer asked me to complete a job I wasn’t fully confident in. I have found it to be an amazing resource and don’t get me started on the value… It is incredible!

Here are some of the online courses that we at Other Planet Marketing feel could benefit small and medium sized businesses the most during this time:

1) Easy Product Photography with iPhone, Smartphone or Camera


This is something a lot of businesses struggle with: taking the perfect photo that showcases their product in the best light. Taking a great photo is hugely important to portray the credibility of your product in your advertising and through your online channels.

You don’t need to hire a pricey photographer every time you have a new product, you can do it yourself and you can use your smartphone!

Perfect for businesses that get new stock frequently or the businesses that are keen to develop an online store.

Price: €12.99

Duration: 3.5 hours on-demand video

2) Beginner to Pro in Excel: Financial Modeling and Valuation


If you are the owner of a growing business, you might be facing new challenges you haven’t had to face before, such as: cash flow statements, designing charts and building profit and loss reports.

This course will allow you to get comfortable with Microsoft Excel through regular case studies and downloadable resources.

Perfect for the growing business that needs help managing their in-house finances.

Price €11.99

Duration: 12 hours on-demand video

3) Other Planet Marketing - Online Social Media Marketing Masterclass

We at Other Planet Marketing offer training in social media marketing to help businesses grow their online presence and reach new audiences. During this masterclass, OPM show you how to create eye-catching content, how to attract new customers and how to engage with your audience.

Perfect for the business that needs help getting noticed online.

Please contact us here for further information.

Duration: 3.5 Hours

4) Successful Negotiation: Master Your Negotiating Skills


The power of negotiation. This is what we use in business to settle differences or to reach an agreement on an issue. If you feel your negotiation skills are not up to scratch, and you find yourself on the losing end of many “differences” in your industry, it may be time for you to invest some time in the art of negotiation.

Learning about this skill can help you in many, many different areas of your personal life as well, when it comes to buying a house or a car; you best believe the salesperson is ready to negotiate, you need to be ready too!

Perfect for the start-up in need of a confidence boost.

Price: €13.99

Duration: 2 hours on-demand video

5) Sales Training: Practical Sales Techniques


Sales: Helping the customer to realise they need your product or service.

Sales is often the most important practice in a company and also often the area that needs most work. With this course you will learn skills that will help you to maximise your selling potential without feeling “slimy” (as salespeople are often portrayed). You will learn how to provide the best solution for your customers’ problems.

Again, this course will help you in many areas of your life, including learning to sell yourself, a skill many of us lack. When selling your products, you also need to sell your personality and trust.

Perfect for businesses who require a more strategic sales plan.

Price: €13.99

Duration: 2 hours on-demand video

You’ll never regret learning a little extra to help your business. Knowledge is power. Many of these courses are just a few hours long. Take a positive step today and learn something new for your growing business.

Have you taken any online courses before that you would recommend? Let me know at

Don’t forget, Other Planet Marketing is committed to helping small businesses to weather this storm. Find a full list of our services here.

Jenna Eustace

Other Planet Marketing

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